Here are some of Solera’s

Success Stories.

Technology development supported by the National Research Council led to the company achieving its first Patent in solar technology in 2003.

Solera developed Canada’s first distributed solar rooftop project in 1999 – Solar Pioneers in Toronto, resulting in 25 residences feeding solar power into the utility grid, utilizing novel inverter technology from The Netherlands.

Established first acceptable grid interconnection approach with Toronto Hydro and the Ontario Electrical Safety Authority, years in advance of formal standards.

Canada’s largest grid-connected PV project, 2004; Solera was recipient of the first ever CanSIA National Solar PV Project of the Year Award for our 36kW project atToronto Hydro’s main service facility.

Solera’s 10 kW PV project for the Ag Energy co-operative in Guelph, Ontario made history as the first to be inaugurated under the Ontario Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (at the time, RESOP was North America’s most novel program for stimulating the procurement of renewable energy).

Invited member of the Ontario Power Authority’s Advisory Committee on Micro Generation for the development of the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program

First in Canada to develop and construct a rooftop project using novel Canadian made solar PV integrated roof membrane

Executed the “RISE” solar program in Toronto, Canada’s first independent community co-operative solar purchase for 35 homes.

Selected by both Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for the development of solar PV projects on their facilities.

Gold winner of Ajax Pickering Board of Trade Sustainable Champion Award in 2012.