Energy Storage

Energy generation, distribution and consumption can no longer be thought of as disparate elements. They are naturally inter-related, and to realize the promise of secure and affordable energy supplies, these elements must operate cohesively, at both the macro (large central generation and transmission) and micro (as small as individual residence) levels. This is why Solera has developed the optimum solution in Energy Management. We call it myenergystoreTM and it provides a comprehensive, self-consumption solution for residential and commercial scale electrical requirements.

myenergystoreTM is a complete home energy management system. It can be programmed to direct grid energy, solar energy, or energy from a battery bank – or any combination of the above. Traditional delivered electricity is only going to get more expensive and myenergystoreTM provides the operator with the opportunity to realize significant savings on their monthly electricity bill, at a time when electricity bills are forecast to increase every year well into the future. myenergystoreTM is a critical enabler in the shift to cost effective local and on site generation, providing the ability to optimize economically one’s own energy generation and consumption, while providing benefits to the grid operator of a more stable and predictable demand profile. And during power outages myenergystoreTM will provide critical back up power which is prioritized based on the consumer’s needs. The uninterrupted availability of energy, at an affordable price, are key factors in economic and social well being. So too will the benefits be heightened where the energy supply is diverse, safe, and contains a large share of clean and renewable supplies.

There are so many ways that myenergystoreTM can save money for you.

If you have a solar array on your roof you can:

  • Use the available solar power directly in your home, night and day.
  • You can store the solar power in your myenergystoreTM battery bank.
  • Send the solar power back to the grid and reduce your monthly electrical bill.
  • Use your battery power only during peak demand periods when you pay the highest rate for grid power. We call this Peak Shaving.
  • With your batteries, you now have energy insurance – meaning if there is a power outage, you can draw from the batteries to provide light, heat, refrigeration and charge your Electric Vehicle.
  • You can charge your EV from your solar array or from the batteries or from the grid.

And myenergystoreTM can operate and save you money even if you are not connected to a solar array on your roof:

  • myenergystoreTM can top up your batteries from the grid. You may then draw from the batteries during peak consumption times and save even more.

myenergystoreTM will manage all this for you. And myenergystoreTM can monitor your energy savings from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.