We are proud of our great references.

Just ask any of our clients –

here are a few…

From Catherine Bridgeman

Town of Ajax

Solera installed a 100kW system on our roof with an elevated system then engineered , manufactured and installed the Solar Sail at our Operations Centre. It’s a sail, which means it is designed to catch the wind. But it has withstood gale force winds for years now. These folks know their stuff. So I nominated them for an award and it came as no surprise that they won –
The Sustainable Champion Award 2012 from the Ajax Pickering Board of Trade.

From Lisa Anderson

Havergill College

Solera was a great choice and really respected our requirement for minimal disruption during school hours. The students are very proud to be attending a “solar powered” school!

From Ken Karns

Director of Facility Development, Western Fair Association

After reviewing all the candidates for our project, (and there were many) and a strict selection process, we concluded that Solera Sustainable Energies was the company with the greatest depth of experience to design, supply and install our solar array. And we clearly made the right choice – for several reasons. There were serious structural limitations with the building but Solera was familiar with these types of problems and they developed a safe and effective solution through their engineering and design of the system.They also overcame regulatory hurdles and they put together a novel financing program for the project. At times it appeared that the project may never happen, but Solera tenaciously made it happen.We are so grateful for this.


In short, Solera took all the problems off our plate and streamlined the entire process for us. They became our partner and we are now comfortably enjoying our solar array and our 20 year FIT contract.

From John Logorakis

Johnvince Foods / Planters Peanuts

We were inundated with calls from dozens of solar companies, most of which are now out of business. So we are glad we chose Solera, they have been doing solar for longer than just about anyone and this is a 20 year contract so we wanted to be sure to partner with a company with history, experience, and longevity. We were so pleased with the job they did that we hired them to do a second building.

From Mark Turney

Veridian Connections

We hired Solera to do several projects for us including the 140 kW array on our head of offices. We then invited them to be our business partners on several projects. The partnership has been very successful and we continue to develop projects together. They have our highest recommendation.

From Steve Dallas

President,Toronto Electric

These guys are top rate. They are renting the roof of my warehouse where they installed a 70 kW system several years back. They did a great job for us, no business interruption, no hassle and really, the solar array on my roof is like the perfect tenant. I wish I had more buildings, I would have Solera install solar up on all of them.