Our Story

Phantom Electron Corporation was incorporated in 1984, providing commercial / industrial and residential security equipment and systems. The introduction of solar panels on remote systems led our President and Founder, Leonard Allen to the realization that a successful business is not only defined by what it takes out of the economy, but also by what it gives back; in this case, to the entire planet.


Thus Solera Sustainable Energies Company was founded on the guiding principal of building a business with products and services that are green and positive for all involved. Today, Solera is an industry leader at home and abroad, providing sustainable energy products to clients around the globe. Corporations, Institutions and Homeowners alike, all benefit from Solera’s “giving back” technologies.


Solera continues to diversify its service offerings integrating advanced energy storage, a critical component and enabler to the sustainable energy mix going forward, particularly with respect to its international practice. Solera’s diversification is enabling the delivery of clean, reliable power to areas of the world suffering from electricity supplies that are exorbitantly costly, unreliable, or altogether non-existent.