Solera International

Solera’s international focus is on jurisdictions that suffer from the high cost of energy and an unreliable supply of power. Many countries are wholly dependant on fossil fuels for their electricity. Not only is it unclean, it is increasingly costly. So, as the fluctuating cost of fossil fuels continues to escalate, and the cost of renewables continues to decline, Solera has reached out to provide clean, dependable electricity to a number of International clients.


Solera’s products and systems are used far and wide, from autonomous power for security monitoring systems at a US naval base in Spain, to the self-contained Solera Power Centre employed in off-grid systems in Brazil, to complete grid-connected homes and commercial power systems across the Caribbean. And Solera has partnered with PowerGen of Kingston Jamaica to form “Solaribbean”, a turn key solar developer and EPC with many successfully completed projects throughout the Caribbean region. Some of these solar projects can be viewed in the portfolio section of this website.


As the needs of these foreign markets increase, Solera will continue to expand it’s business model on a global scale.

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