Solar EV

What is a Solar EV? It is an Electric Vehicle (EV) or a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) that is charged by a solar power source. This is taking the concept of automotive clean tech to the next level. Solera built its first solar car in 2007, a Toyota Prius, that we termed a Plug-in Hybrid Solar Electric Vehicle (PHSEV). Solera is leading the way again with a 2015 Tesla Model S which is essentially a rolling laboratory that we plug into our CEO’s solar powered home, then we plug it in at our solar office, while continually recording and examining all energy parameters for ongoing system development and optimization.

Solera is again ahead of the curve in EV charging technology with its development of micro-grid connected Solar Carports that are equipped with EV charging stations.

And with the future of bi-directional power, your electric vehicle may soon be used as a beneficial power source for your home or business by utilizing the energy stored in the vehicle’s battery bank to both minimize your exposure to peak electricity pricing, and to protect you from power outages. Your Solar EV is thus no longer a disparate element but is now naturally inter-related, to assist in realizing the promise of a more secure and affordable energy supply. This will be the next big thing for EVs.

At Solera, the promise of integrated sustainable transportation is quickly becoming a day-to-day reality. Let Solera bring you up to speed today!

Tesla Electric Car Model s white Color