Solera’s Solar Car Port at Veridian Connections, Ajax,10 kW, Installed 2017

About This Project

The future of electric vehicles just became more sustainable. This 10.2 kW solar carport was designed, engineered and constructed by Solera for Veridian Connections, the regional electricity provider. It features 33, 310 watt, clear-backed solar panels. The clear solar panels allow light to come through the canopy. The parking spaces below the solar array are serviced by one Level 3 charger and two Level 2 chargers for electric vehicles to fuel up on clean green solar power. Energy from the array is stored in 2 Tesla Powerwalls with surplus power being directed back to the grid. The system is also tied to an integrated Microgrid. This is solar diversified.

grid-tied solar, solar creativity, Tesla Powerwalls