Energy Storage & Security

In today’s world, the uninterrupted availability of energy, at an affordable price, are key factors in economic and social wellbeing. So too will the benefits be heightened where the energy supply is diverse, safe, and contains a large share of clean and renewable supplies. Energy generation, distribution and consumption can no longer be thought of as disparate elements. They are naturally inter-related, and to realize the promise of secure and affordable energy supplies, these elements must operate cohesively, at both the macro (large central generation and transmission) and micro (as small as individual residence) levels. Energy storage systems are a critical enabler in the shift to cost-effective local and on site generation, providing the ability to optimize economically one’s own energy generation and consumption, while providing benefits to the grid operator of a more stable and predictable demand profile.

Solera has been implementing energy storage systems for more than a decade, and offers a full suite of products and services to satisfy the self-consumption opportunity for residential and commercial scale requirements.